Grandville RoboDawgs prepare parts for NASA rocket launch

Remember – you read it here first – on the RoboDawgs’ blog. The RoboDawgs have been making parts that will travel to space in just a few short weeks. Prototype parts fabricated right here in our Robotics & Engineering Center passed preliminary tests at a NASA facility two weeks ago. Designs for the final parts are being designed and will be machined in the next week. More details will be released the first week of August, but here’s what we can share at this point. The Grandville High School RoboDawgs are well known as a top tier robotics team, but they are also becoming known for a range of other endeavors. The RoboDawgs’ fifth annual Great American River Race is coming up this fall, and their autonomous boats will set some new speed records. Their high altitude weather balloons have been making the news. And soon you’ll read about the RoboDawgs’ efforts to design and fabricate a variety of parts that will travel on a NASA sounding rocket next month. The launch is scheduled for August 13, at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. Wallops’ website – – has a launch countdown.

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