RoboDawgs post new fundraising effort

RoboDawgs 3D Printer

MakerBot 3D Printer

Last Fall, the RoboDawgs used Crowdrise to fund our purchase of a CNC machine. Over the last year, we’ve gone from complete machining novices to making part for a NASA launch.

One of the many articles on our NASA participation can be found here:

We will train a second group of team members to design parts and use the CNC machine this fall, and now we’re ready to take on another technology. We want to purchase a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer.

Our CNC machine allows us to take a block of metal and machine away material, leaving a finished part. 3D printing technology works in exactly the opposite manner – it uses a printhead to build up material to make the finished part.

We want to acquire a 3D printer for the team. This printer will allow us to make custom plastic parts for our robots from ABS plastic – one of the strongest, most durable plastics available for 3D printers. Also important is the fact that we can make 3D prototypes of some of our more complex parts before machining a final metal part on the CNC machine. This will make the trial and error of prototypes faster and cheaper.

We’re trying to raise $3,500 before school starts for the fall. Donors can contribute online at:

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