RoboDawgs attempt new altitude record

Grandville High School RoboDawgs Balloon Launch

RoboDawg BalloonSat

We’re 0 for 2 in launching the ultra-high altitude balloons. We can’t seem to track them, and we’ve had trouble predicting where they’ll land. We’ve lost two set of scientific instruments and cameras…… but we’ve learned a ton. About long periods in sub-zero temperatures. About packing the instrument boxes and attempting to track these big balloons. About tremendous condensation inside the capsule….. We have successfully launched six 1200g balloons which have reached altitudes of 110,000ft, but we have not quite figured out the ultra-high altitude 3000g balloons.

So they say that the most successful people are just those who keep picking themselves up, learning from their mistakes, and trying again. We’re that kind of team – and we’re going to reach for new altitudes again today. Our third attempt at a new RoboDawg altitude record (and a successful recovery of the biggest weather balloon commercially available) will launch today at 3pm from the Robotics Center!

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