RoboDawgs Recover First Ultra-High Altitude Balloon


Sept 5 RoboDawg launch crew

Balloon 090513 2




The RoboDawg’s third attempt at the launch and recovery of an ultra-high altitude balloon was successful today! The team recovered their most recent launch and its payload of sensors this afternoon from a cornfield in NW Ohio. A first run through the data shows that the balloon did not break the team’s current 110,000ft altitude record, but it did spend a significant period of time at an altitude where temperatures were colder than -100F. New batteries being tested kept all the balloons sensors, trackers, and camera working throughout the long flight – and all the way back to Grandville.

The launch team for this mission included Lucas Buck, Morgan Senkowski, Clark Fischer, Mike Hepfer – and quality control was again overseen by Dr. Evil.

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