Grandville JrFLL Expo Results

Grandville RoboDawgs

Grandville JrFLL Team – the Highwater Heros

Grandville Elementary Schools

Collecting Trophies at the Grandville JrFLL Tournament

Yesterday a dozen JrFLL teams joined more than 40 FIRST Lego League teams at Grandville High School for the second annual Grandville JrFLL Expo. This year’s event, hosted by That ONE Team and the Grandville RoboDawgs, was West Michigan’s only showcase for Junior Lego League teams, made up of second and third grade students. In the 2013 DISASTER BLASTER Challenge, teams learned about natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, and floods. They also learned about simple machines as they built a model made of LEGO® elements with a motorized moving part and created a team Show Me Poster to represent their findings.

Teams, and the awards they received at this event include:
Solid-as-a-Rock Model Design Award – Team 997 The Flood Four
Construction Innovation Award – Team 2113 Swirling Tornados
Inquiring Minds Award – Team 1039 Lego Scotties
Explosive Ideas Award – Team 1792 Lego Scotties
Picasso Award – Team 839 Mini Dawgs
Lil’ Einstein Award – Team 69 Power Striders
Gracious Professionalism Award – Team 67 Flooding Fury
Effort and Learning Award – Team 838 High Water Heroes
Outstanding Teamwork Award – Team 837 The Earthquakes
Simply Awesome Machine Award – Team 68 Creative Constructors
Rising Stars Award – Team 835 Grandview Twisters
Amazing Movement Award – Team 836 Wave Watchers

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