Grandville Lego League Tournament Posts Results

Grandville Lego League

Awards ceremony at 2013 Grandville Lego League Tournament

Grandville High School Lego League Tournament November 23, 2013

FLL Team 47 – “Peanut Butter” competes on Lego Challenge table

The Eighth Annual Grandville Lego League Tournament was held on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Hosted by the Grandville RoboDawgs, That ONE Team, and the Grandville Academic Team Boosters, the event drew more than 2,500 team members and spectators to Grandville High School. Forty-three Lego League teams from all over Michigan came to compete in Nature’s Fury, the 2013 FIRST Lego League Challenge.

After a very competitive day, the following teams claimed tournament trophies:

Tournament Champion
Peanut Butter (Team 47)

Robot Performance
Top Score (419 points) – Sky Guys (Team 98)
Second Place (418 points) – The Flying Hedgehogs (Team 10667)

Robot Innovation & Strategy
First Place – Mindstorm Masterminds (Team 2757)
Second Place – Tornado Chasers (Team 220)

Robot Programming
First Place – The Flying Hedgehogs (Team 10667)
Second Place – The Tropical Hedgehogs (Team 10671)

Robot Mechanical Design
First Place – Shake, Rattle, & Roll (Team 5033)
Second Place – The Sharks (Team 54)

First Place The Brainstormers (Team 5034)
Second Place – The Highwaters (Team 16463)

Research Project Presentation
First Place – Lego Monsters (Team 5032)
Second Place – High Voltage (Team 1235)

Research Quality
First Place – Danger Dawgs (Team 16321)
Second PLace – Lego DaVinci (Team 10337)

Innovative Project Solution
First Place – The Bionic Bulldogs (Team 5203)
Second Place – The Legendary Lego Guys (Team 14664)

Inspiration Award – The Disaster Dawgs (Team 9407)
Gracious Professionalism Award – The Tornado Titans (Team 12784)
Special Award – Against All Odds – The Pokagons (Team 489)
Special Award – Rising Start – The Furious Furies (Team 8026)
Special Award – Judges Choice – The Tazmanian Twisters (Team 18138)

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