RoboDawg VEX Team ranked 31st in the World

Grandville RoboDawgs

RoboDawgs Mike Hepfer, Steven Aldrich, and Ariana Martinez work the VEX Robot

Every year, VEX Robotics introduces a Programming Challenge as part of their annual competition. This Programming Challenge requires teams to develop autonomous code for their robots to allow the machines to compete in the Challenge without a human driver. Grandville teams have traditionally done very well with this annual programming challenge and three Grandville High School VEX teams are currently ranked among the top 100 VEX Robotics teams in the world. Given the more than 8,000 teams competing in VEX around the world, it is pretty impressive for these three teams to have all made it into the top 100.

RoboDawg Team 244A is tied for 31st place with a team from Anglo Chinese School Independent High School in Singapore. This team, competing under the name Ad Carry and led by captain Mike Hepfer, includes RoboDawgs Vinny Spica, Amanda Bowerman, Frank Spica, Ariana Martinez, and Steven Aldrich.

RoboDawg Team 288E, competing under the name TWACA, is tied for 45th in the world with U.H. School from Puerto Rico. Captain Austin Senkowski is joined on this team by Alex Mize, Nathan Clinger, and Cameron Snoap.

One final RoboDawg Team, #288A, The Derp Squad, currently sits 78th in the world. This team includes captain Joshua Leaver, Rosalee Pokora, Morgan Senkowski, Patryk Akhurst, and Tyler Jack-Shilling.

The World Rankings change every week, and the RoboDawg teams will be competing at VEX events in late January and early February in an attempt to defend their World Rankings and potentially advance to a higher rank. For the current Programming Skills World Rankings, see:

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