RoboDawgs VEX Team 244A Moves up to 26th in the World


Grandville High School VEX Team 244A robot hangs with large ball

Grandville High School

RoboDawgs VEX Team 244A with Judges Award from Nissan VEX Tournament – Feb 1, 2014

RoboDawg VEX teams continue to build momentum as the season progresses. Team 244A picked up the Judges Award at the Nissan VEX event in Farmington Hills, MI on February 1. Judges recognized the team for outstanding teamwork, innovative design, and the top hanging robot at the Nissan event. The team went on to post the top Programming Skills score at that event. Their 42 points not only topped other teams at that event, it is also the highest score in Michigan and the 26th best score in the World. Congratulations to team members Stephen Aldrich, Amanda Bowerman, Mike Hepfer, Ariana Martinez, Frank Spica, and Vinnie Spica.

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