RoboDawgs Recognized for 3D Printing Experience


RoboDawg 3D Printing Wisdom selected by MakerBot for posting on their blog

If you’ve followed our blog, you know the RoboDawgs have been learning about 3D printing this year. We started witb a MakerBot 2X Experimental printer last September. Our interest and capabilities grew over the fall, and during November we acquired a second Makerbot 2X printer. Team members have designed and printed hundreds of items, including promotional pieces, robot parts, and even Thor’s Hammer. And once again, the team’s endeavors have attracted attention – this time from the manufacturer of the 3D printers we’re using.
Makerbot recently contacted the team to learn about our experiences – and they decided to feature us on their blog this week. The folks at Makerbot pulled out four pieces of “3D Printing Wisdom” from experience. You can read their blog post at:

An interesting fact: both of the team’s Makerbots were funded through online crowd-funding sources by team supporters. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! Contributions to support these machines came from several states – and one foreign country! Here are the Crowdrise and Donors Choose campaigns that funded our 3D printers.

Thanks, again, to all the donors that make our 3D printing possible.

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