RoboDawgs College Signing Day

Grandville High School

RoboDawg Graduating Class of 2014 with pennants from their chosen colleges

Yesterday was signing day for the RoboDawgs. Grandville High School stopped for a moment to celebrate the graduating RoboDawgs who are going on to play at the college level. These students are very good at programming competitive robots, designing mechanical arms, building racing drones, bringing concepts to life using 3D printing, and the applying physics to real-world problems. Yesterday we recognized 19 Grandville Seniors who are going on to college to design satellites, build solar powered planes and cars, develop power systems for rural African communities, and compete in the most advanced robotics competitions in the world. Graduating RoboDawgs carry an average GPA of over 3.8. Every graduating senior is going on to college – and this graduating group has been offered scholarships totaling more than $786,000. That’s an average of $41,000 in scholarship offers received by the Graduating RoboDawgs – a new team record. Sixteen of our graduates are going on to major in STEM areas. Just watch what this outstanding group of Seniors is going to accomplish over the next decade!

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