Boy Scouts help the RoboDawgs keep the noise down




The RoboDawgs have hosted workshops for Boy Scouts earning their Robotics Merit Badge, and now Troop 292 has helped the team with some renovations to the Grandville Robotics & Engineering Center. Led by Eagle Scout candidate Stephen Stoffer, a group of scouts from the Troop have patched and painted a number of rooms at the Robotics Center. More importantly, Stephen worked with an Ohio company to design sound abatement solutions for the building. Materials arrived last week, and on Saturday Stephen brought the Troop – and installed sound absorbing panels in both the study hall and the VEX competition room. These panels dramatically reduce noise levels when these rooms are full of students, making it easier to hear and be heard. Chuck Parks, organizer of the Grandville VEX League, had only one word after “hearing” the upgrades to the building yesterday – “WOW.” As the RoboDawgs prepare for large groups of elementary, middle school, and high school students to move into the Center for the summer, the RoboDawgs are excited to have these improvements!

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