RoboDawgs in the air – our first quadcopter!

Thanks to our summer fundraising, the Robodawgs are now flying a new quadcopter built by team members during August. Carrying the name RoboDawg 1, this aircraft provides our first opportunity to learn about autonomous flight. We’re using the same autopilot software we’ve used with our autonomous boat race for the last three years, so we’re starting with some experience. Early test flights have helped us understand RoboDawg 1’s speed and flight range – and how it handles in stronger winds.

RoboDawgs Drone

RoboDawg1 – our first airborne robot!

RoboDawgs Drone

RoboDawg1 – flying it’s first autonomous mission

RoboDawg Drone

Find the drone…… we’re high in the air!

Robodawg Drone

Grandville High School as seen from our Quadcopter.

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