National Science Teachers Association Recognizes RoboDawg Program


RoboDawgs prepare balloon capsule for a summer launch

Grandville High School

Preparing the high altitude balloon

Grandville RoboDawgs

Balloon is ready for its payload

Grandville RoboDawgs

And it’s off!

The November issue of NSTA Reports came out today, and several of our graduated RoboDawgs grace the front page! The science teachers association devoted the entire front page, and space on page four, to their article “Teaming Science and Robotics.” This article is yet another in the recent string of articles and news pieces highlighting the success of the Grandville High School RoboDawgs. We believe that publicity about this team, and particularly our team members, is very important to the objectives of our program. The primary objective for the RoboDawgs is to maintain a robotics program this is nationally recognized for quality and integrity, where elementary and middle school students aspire to be RoboDawgs, students come to Grandville Public Schools to be part of the program, and colleges recruit RoboDawgs like they do top high school athletes.

Interestingly enough, the NAST chose a photo to accompany their article which shows four RoboDawgs working on an autonomous boat. All four have graduated since the photo was taken, and all four were recruited to major universities. One is at the University of Michigan studying computer science, one is at Johns Hopkins studying biomedical engineering, one is studying Industrial Design at the School at the Art Institute of Chicago, and one is studying mechanical engineering at Purdue. Each of these four students earned a Varsity Letter all four years of their high school career, all four got As in AP Physics, and all four passed the AP-Physics exam(s). Congratulations Alex Courtade, Clark Fischer, Mike Hepfer, and Grason Cheydleur for making the cover of NAST Reports!

Congratulations, also, to our own Mr. Evele, for receiving this fine recognition from his peers. Science teachers all over America will be reading about him today, and understanding more about how he excites students by getting physics into robotics, and robotics into his physics classroom.

A final note, for those college recruiters who are reading – we have a great graduating class this year, including Grandville High School Seniors Jackie Burch, Fred Pokora, Steven Aldrich, Dakota Hamilton, Sophie Potter, Annika Rolo, Spencer Snoap, and Russell Rose. Right behind them, the RoboDawgs Junior class is small, but highly accomplished. You’ll want these students on your campus two years from now year – Ariana Martinez, Amanda Bowerman, Breanna DeJong, Lucas Buck, Heath Haverdink, Tyler Jack-Shilling, Daniel Leaver, Rebecca Licata, Drake Sytsma, Brittany VanTuinen.

Here’s a link to the NAST publication:

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