THANK YOU Grandville Regional Lego League tournament!

Grandville High School

Teams and visitors at the Grandville Regional Lego League Tournament donate to support RoboDawg 3D printer!

Thank you to all the people from today’s Regional Lego League tournament who contributed to buy the RoboDawgs a fifth generation Makerbot 3D printer!

During the opening ceremony at today’s Lego League tournament, the RoboDawwgs announced a one-day fundraising effort on Crowdrise. Before the event ended at 4:30, the crowd had contributed more than $3200 to fully fund the purchase of another 3D printer for the team’s fabrication shop.

The Grandville High School RoboDawgs have been using 3D printers for more than a year, and the team’s 3D CAD and fabrication team has grown dramatically. The RoboDawgs’ 3D printing group has grown so much this year that students are having trouble getting time on one of the team’s two current 3D printers to build the things they have drawn. The team decided that a one-day challenge was the right approach, and they publicized the need and hung posters throughout the high school during today’s Regional Lego League Tournament. Thanks to the generosity of many of the more than 2,000 people attending today’s event, the RoboDawgs will be getting their new printer in the next week!

3D printing is one of the amazingly disruptive technologies that RoboDawgs work with at the Grandville Robotics & Engineering Center. Thanks, again, to all the people who supported today’s one-day fundraising effort!

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