24 Hour Challenge: RoboDawg Fans! Please help us fund new FRC Hardware today!

FRC Hardware

Again this Thanksgiving week, our team’s relentless work with Donor’s Choose has attracted the attention of a national organization – and that group has offered to match, dollar for dollar (up to $100 per donor), every contribution made this week to support a RoboDawg need.

Here’s our challenge. FIRST has changed the control systems for the coming season, and all the control systems for our existing FRC robots need to be replaced this winter. We own nine sets of the current control system, and we need to buy at least three of the new sets so we have control systems for our backup robots. Mr. Evele has put up a Donor’s Choose request for these three sets. We need to raise $2,600 in the next week. And….if we do this in the next 24 hours, we’ll receive all our new FRC hardware in early December.

The Challenge:
We’re asking our team’s parents and supporters to help us raise $2,600 tomorrow – with every individual contribution being $100 or less. Let’s find 10 or 20 people who’ll each contribute $25 – $100 each. No big contributions – everyone contributing a little bit – and Donor’s Choose matching every one of our contributions dollar for dollar. If we raise just $1,300 from our supporters, we’ll have our new machine (with the Donor’s Choose match.)

To contribute, just follow the link below. Use the promo code SPARK during checkout to link to the contribution matching for our project (up to $100 per donor) All contributions are tax-deductible! And for every dollar someone contributes between now and November 30, Donor’s Choose will contribute a matching amount! Here’s the link:


PS – Here’s an easy way to avoid the 15% deduction that Donors Choose normally withholds from every contribution. After you click contribute, and just before checkout, you’ll have an opportunity to “edit” your contribution. Click on the edit option, and change the Donors Choose deduction to 0%. Given that they are giving us matching contributions right now, we figure it’s probably good to just leave this alone this time and let them take their 15%. But in case you want to avoid that 15%, just follow these instructions.

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