20% of teams at Michigan State VEX Championship will be RoboDawg teams

Grandville RoboDawgsVEX 100414 - 2-1

This Sunday, the RoboDawgs are headed to the Michigan VEX Robotics State Championship!

VEX Robotics teams from Grandville High School, Grandville Middle School, and the Grandville Robotics & Engineering Center will be well represented at the State Championship.  There are just under 350 VEX teams in Michigan this season, and Grandville teams won more events than any other school in the state.  Thirteen of the sixty teams that qualified for the State Championship call the Grandville Robotics Center home.  That means roughly one in five teams at the Championship is a Grandville team.

Grandville Middle School teams were particularly strong this year, winning top honors at events at Traverse City and Belding tournaments. Five of the twenty Middle School teams qualified for the State Championship are Grandville Middle School teams!

Watch our blog for updates from Sunday’s State Championship!  It’s likely that a Grandville team will win at the Championship.  Who knows?  It’s possible that Grandville teams could win both the High School and Middle School divisions.

Learn more about Sunday’s Championships on the MSU website: http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2015/robots-invade-msus-jenison-field-house-this-sunday/

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