Help the RoboDawgs buy their next 3D printer!

Grandville High School RoboDawgs

Mr. Evele is at it again!  A prolific fundraiser for the RoboDawgs, he has released another fundraising campaign for the team.  For the next four days, he even has a donor willing to match contributions made by our supporters.  More details below.  Read on, and please consider making a contribution today following the link at the bottom of this post.  Watch for updates over the next four days here on the blog.  Last fall, we had a similar matching contribution offer, and our parents, graduates, fans, and supporters fully funded our last 3D printer in under 24 hours!  (See our blog post, if you’re interested:

The details of today’s fundraising effort.  We’re raising money for a new 3D printer, the Mark One Composite printer.  Unlike our current 3D printers, this baby will print using carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and nylon.  What a great new set of technology to give our team the chance to make even more interesting parts for our robots, boats, quadcopters, and rovers.

Please help us this exciting technology to our shop.  Follow the link below to contribute, and enter the promo code SPARK on the payment screen.  Entering this promo code will give us a 100% match on your contribution.  To contribute, follow this link:


The Mark1 3D Printer

Grandville High School

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