RoboDawgs Bag & Tag 2016 FRC Robots!

It’s that day again – ship day for FIRST Robotics Competition robots.  The Grandville High School RoboDawgs have completed their 19th build season today.  Though robots are no longer crated and shipped on “ship day,” the RoboDawg teams celebrated the end of the long and demanding build season.  Between the FRC build season and the wrap-up of the VEX competition season, the RoboDawgs have only three days off in February.  Here are photos from today’s bag & tag session.

RoboDawg Ship Day Photo 022316 -1

Above, all three RoboDawg teams, including FRC team 216, 244, and 288.  Below, FRC Team 216 – More RoboDawgs – with captains Curtis Lynn and Corrin Misak.

RoboDawg 216 Ship Day Photo 022316 -1

Our other RoboDawg teams, below.  Directly below, FRC Team 244 – The RoboDawgs – with captains Heath Haverdink and Michael Furman

RoboDawg 244 Ship Day Photo 022316 -1RoboDawg 288 Ship Day Photo 022316 -1





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