RoboDawg Graduates Launch with Purdue Orbital

Our RoboDawgs continue to build and program fun things after they graduate and move on to college.  Two recent graduates, Dakota Hamilton and Mike Hepfer are members of the Purdue Orbital team. Dakota, a freshman in Purdue’s engineering  program, and Mike, an engineering sophomore, both were part of a test launch in southwest Michigan yesterday.  This was the first launch for the Purdue Orbital team as they pursue a goal of putting 5kg in space by 2018.  The ground launch of the 9 foot test rocket was a success, launching on que and hitting a top speed of more than 1,100 mph on its way to a maximum altitude of more than a mile.  All systems functioned as planned, and the rocket popped its parachutes on the way down to a soft landing around 3:30pm (eastern time).



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