RoboDawgs wrap year at Great America

Another school year draws to an end, and the Grandville High School RoboDawgs once again finished the year strong!  For the seventh straight year, the team celebrated their successes immediately after the last bell rang on the last day of school.  After the final bell of the school year, eligible team members boarded a charter bus and made the trip to Chicago.  This annual event kicks off with an afternoon in the pool, followed by deep dish pizza at our favorite Gino’s East.  Then it’s on to an evening of Whirlyball – The Sport of Kings.  After midnight, it’s back to the hotel for a couple hours of sleep.  The sun comes up on Saturday, and we move on to Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor.  A morning of roller coasters and an afternoon in the water park – and then a nap on the bus ride home.  A fast-paced celebration of all these  kids have accomplished is a fitting end to another school year.

It is an incredible experience to be involved so closely with such a remarkable, diverse group of young men and women.  They are all unique – thespians, musicians, athletes, dancers, and video gamers.  They come from most every home environment you can name, and there is a modern-day range of sexual orientations and gender identities.  If they weren’t all RoboDawgs, there is no way this large group would call each other friends.  These RoboDawgs are motivated and trustworthy.  They know the power of working together and they all have demonstrated success already, at a young age.  

Another year is drawing to a close…….

The future belongs to these adventurers – and the future is in good hands…

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