RoboDawgs put up strong showing at first VEX Tournament of the season

Grandville VEX teams got off to a strong start when they opened their season on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Traverse City.  Playing at the Northwest Michigan Regional Qualifier, our teams claimed six of the top nine spots.  All teams went at least 5-2 during qualifying matches, and two teams (244A and 244B) both went undefeated.  Congratulations to the members of these top performing teams!

Thomas Bos – Team 244A (captain)
Nicholas Scott – Team 244A
Nathaniel Clinger – Team 244A
Julianna Buck – Team 244B (captain)
Madeline Buckler – Team 244B
Kateri Flynn – Team 244B
Ellie Clark – Team 244D (captain)
Matt Martell – Team 244D
Parker Graham – Team 244D
Hannah Evele – Team 244F (captain)
Evan Vandermate – Team 244F
Justin Irish – Team 244F
Timothy Leaver – Team 248E (captain)
Khanh Pham – Team 248E
Pierce Mentalewicz – Team 248E
Patrick West – Team 288A (captain)
Kelly Herb – Team 288A
Ingrid Perea – Team 288A



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