New RoboDawg 3D printers working overtime

Grandville High School teacher Mike Evele continues to attract a large donor base on Donors Choose.  His most recent Donors Choose project, shown below, was initiated in January and former students and robotics team members made several of the early contributions.  The fundraising site was then promoted during a recent regional robotics event.  Donors at the event made short work of this project, completing the funding needed within four hours.

Over the past three weeks, the team received three new 3D printers – bringing our family of 3D printers to eight machines from five manufacturers.  We now print in Nylon, Fiberglass, PLA, HIP, PET, ABS, and carbon fiber.  And printing we are – our fleet of 3D printers are running close to 24 hours a day right now as we churn out parts for our FIRST Robotics Competition Robots!  A large group of RoboDawgs work with these machines, led by a small group of dedicated students who work with the 3D Printers and our CNC machine every week throughout the year.  This group of leaders includes Julianna Buck, Ellie Clark, Kyle Petersen, Hannah Evele, Evan Vandermate, Coley Spicuzza, Elisa La Barge, Curtis Lynn, Timothy Leaver, Jarod Parks, Kyle Hiller, Joshua Bolter, Skijlar Howerzyl, and Andy Hobelsberger.

Photos of items running on the printers today are at the bottom of this post.  Thank you to all the generous donors who helped us get the new 3D printers!






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