Sponsors needed for Grandville Middle School VEX teams

Seven years ago, the first Grandville Middle School VEX teams played in a tournament.   for the first time.  At that event, the Grandville Autodesk VEX Qualifier, our best team won the Excellence Award – the top award at a VEX event.  Since that first event, our MIddle School teams have a rich history of success.  This program has grown stronger as we have had our teams build at our centralized Robotics Center and it two of the last four years Grandville Middle School teams have been State Champions (216A in 2015 and 216F in 208).

2015 State VEX -3

GMS Team 216A – TIDBIT, with the two top awards from the State of Michigan Championship.

This program is funded each year through the donations of generous sponsors like you.  All our teams have moved to the newest VEX hardware, the V5 Robot Brain, the new V5 controller, and eight mated V5 motors.  These teams are not inexpensive, with the first year cost for a new Middle School team totaling just over $1.800.  We spend, on average, $1,000 to support each returning team.

We need sponsors to support our teams.  Detailed sponsorship information is included at the bottom of this post, along with a link for those who want to contribute online.  But first, a little about this year’s VEX Tower Takeover Challenge

Every year, the Robotics Competition and Education Foundation releases a new VEX EDR challenge.  This year, our teams will play Tower Takeover, which is played on a 12’x12’ square field.  Two team alliances capture and score the 66 large Cubes on the Tower Takeover Field. They battle with an opposing alliance, making tall stacks of these Cubes in scoring zones and battling for control of seven Tower Goals.  Teams score based on the number of Cubes of a given color are stacking in their scoring zones and scored in the Tower Goals.  Every time Cubes are scored in or removed from Tower Goals, the value of ALL cubes on the field changes. So the actions of one Robot impacts the potential score for both their own alliance, and their opponents.

Our Grandville Middle School teams will compete in several times this season, and you can see them at events including:

November 2 – Hudsonville VEX Tournament

November 9 – West Michigan Middle School VEX Tournament

December 7 – West Michigan Holiday VEX Tournament

January 4 – Grandville Middle School New Years VEX Tournament

January 11 – Jenison VEX Tournament


Sponsorship Opportunities 

You can support our VEX Robotics program with a contribution of any amount.  You can also sponsor a specific team or event in any of the following ways:

Team Sponsorships:

____ $100 VEX EDR Team Contributor
____ $280 VEX Team – V5 Motor Upgrade Sponsor

____ $549 VEX Team – V5 Controls System Sponsor
____ $1,000 VEX Team – Full Team Sponsorship

Program Sponsorship:

____ $2,000 District-wide VEX Robotics Program Sponsor

Event Sponsorships: 

____ $500 West Michigan Fall VEX Tournament Sponsor (Event Date: 11/8)
____ $500 West Michigan Holiday VEX Tournament Sponsor (Event Date: 12/1)

____ $500 West Michigan New Years VEX Tournament Sponsor (Event Date: 1/4/20)

____ $500 West Michigan 2019 VEX Tournaments – Competition Field Sponsorship

Grandville Robotics is supported by the Grandville Academic Team Boosters, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity.  Your contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules.  You can contribute online with the link below, or you can send your check to the Grandville Academic Team Boosters, PO Box 265, Grandville, MI  49418.  (please make your check payable to the Grandville Academic Team Boosters)

Contribute online at:



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